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A Digital History Haunted Tour

About York Unknown

Everything you need to know...

Have you ever walked around the York University campus at night and gotten the eerie feeling that you were being watched? Could it be a mangy raccoon, pausing to look at you before he goes back to digging through the trash?  Is it an over-worked professor, trying to leave the building with the fear of being asked more questions? Or could it be something else entirely? The founders here at YORK UNKNOWN have felt this creepy feeling while exploring York's vast campus, and it started to make us wonder about the history of York's land, and what isn't advertised on  When looking at the map of York's campus, it can be seen that there are multiple unmarked buildings on it.  Did these buildings belong to families that are no longer here?  Who were these people?  Were these buildings ever used by York University's staff or students?  Why aren't they in use anymore? Or are they?


Our digital history haunted walking tour highlights the lesser known and unexplored buildings on York University's Keele Campus.  Additionally, it explores some of the creepier stories that we discovered when we delved into historical sources and documented ghost stories.  Currently, the app explores:

The Stong House,

The Stong Barn,

The Hoover House, &

The (formerly named) Hart House (now Skennen’kó:wa Gamig).


You may have seen some of these buildings before, but not have known what they were.  We hope you learn some interesting information about the people that lived on and used this land before it was a space for higher education!

Our haunted walking tour can be accessed on any smart phone through the Actionbound app! The tour can be done all at once, or in pieces whenever you have the time! It can be done on foot, or the locations can also be accessed by a vehicle!  The app features an interactive map, audio and visual aids and interesting tidbits that will link you back to our blog for more info!


We would love to hear from you! 

If you experience anything creepy during your tour, or you learn something about the history of these buildings that we have not mentioned, please inform us through the "contact us" page! 


What aren't they telling us?  We're going to find out over here at YORK UNKNOWN. 

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Did you have any creepy experiences on your tour? Do you know something we don't?  Let us know and you may even be featured!

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